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Expressive dancing and high-concept themes at Zhukov Dance Theatre

Nick Korkos in Zhukov Dance Theatre's Coin/c/dance.

Nick Korkos, a dancer with extraordinarily long legs that he can stretch along the floor like some elegant train or fold into whipping pirouettes, paired a volatile, quicksilver-but-powerhouse Annick Schadeck. They wearily twisted and twirled around each other; when she crawled up his back it looked like an invasion.

The most prominent, spacious duet belonged to Thomson and Jeremy Bannon-Neches. A very young dancer, resplendent in the evening's one spot of color — a bright red dress — Thomson held her own admirably against a smoldering Jeremy Bannon-Neches. No wonder their most prominent gesture involved arms stretched straight ahead. They allowed for connecting, but also keeping apart.

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