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Just admit it: you're obsessed with 'House Hunters'

HGTV's Brian Balthazar with a "before" bathroom on House Hunters Renovation.

Of course, being so popular has a slight downside. "Everyone that I run into, whether I'm on an airplane or at a party, if I say I work on House Hunters or House Hunters International, inevitably there will be someone saying they want to be on," Balthazar says. "I actually love that! Though I will admit that occasionally when someone asks me what I do, I just say I'm a writer. [Laughs.] But I'm ultimately so grateful that people want to be on the show."

Balthazar's main distraction from an endless parade of buyers seeking open-concept floor plans (DRINK) is his pop-culture website, popgoestheweek.com. He'll be melding his two interests on a special he's hosting on HGTV in December.

"It's called I Bought a Famous House. I go around to homes in Hollywood that were once owned by celebrities," he says. "It's interesting see what [the non-famous new owners have] done with them since. In one case, someone kept the house exactly the same as it was when the celebrity owned it. And in another case, with Madonna's former house in the Hollywood Hills, a guy came in and literally changed almost everything, with the exception of the kitchen. But I think when you buy a seven million dollar house, you probably aren't as concerned about the kitchen as the rest of the house, because you aren't doing your own cooking when you have that kind of money!"

Of course, Madonna's kitchen probably already had granite countertops. DRINK!



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