The 'heightened sensitivity' blues - Page 2

One woman's angertorial regarding progressive politics in SF


Could it be that through sloppily coded language like that used in Davis's email, the Barnes response, and my election night incident, an environment is systematically being created that no intelligent young women would ever sanely choose to take part in?

Tell me I'm too soft for politics. Sure you're right. Tell me it's equal opportunity assholery. Probs. Tell me that's just how it is.

I'll tell you this: being progressive is about more than voting in favor of rent control and raising teacher's wages. Being pro-choice is not the end of one's involvement in women's issues. You can have all the right politics on paper, but if you make those who are different from you feel like shit when you're two cocktails into election night, take a seat, wrench your eyes from their tits, and let someone else take the lead, because you're the reason why the progressive movement, the labor movement, et. al., are stale and worn.

Convince all the young women and other people who are not the face of power in this country that they have no place and they will find a different place, and your slate will be all the dumber for it.

Beware, boorish men, when you blame the current spate of sexual abuse unmaskings on "political climate" or "interpersonal issues." Denigrate actual justice as a "trend" or "gossip" and you will most certainly find yourself fighting for something that you really, really don't want — the increased infirmity of the movement you claim to hold so dear.

"Heightened sensitivity" getting you down? Hit up a pharmacy, I bet they have a cream for that.