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"Some audiences have this idea that documentaries have to make very clear and usually politically-based arguments. And that's the thing that I set out not to do. I think it's great that the film creates a dialogue over, 'What is documentary?' People question my point of view, they question the point of view of Brandon and the other characters," he says. "Hopefully they will start questioning other documentaries, too, and the notion of objectivity. Documentary filmmakers know that documentaries aren't objective in the least. But I think audiences still aren't entirely clear on that."

Meltzer credits both the Bay Area filmmaking community (particularly Frazer Bradshaw, Informant's director of photography) and his Stanford colleagues (including numerous former students) for helping him make the film. "San Francisco has a lot of people who are committed to working on things that they believe in for little or no money, out of passion. That can't be overstated," he says.

So what's next? Making Informant was so difficult, Meltzer confesses, that he thought it would be his last film. But then he heard about a group of exonerated men in Texas who've formed a detective agency to help other innocent people behind bars. "You can't pass up those kind of ideas," the filmmaker says. "You have to grab them when they come."

No doubt it won't end up being a simple story — but Meltzer will weave all of its threads into a captivating tale.


Here is my review of the movie, "12 Years a Slave".
Without slavery we would all still be
living in caves.
---Fredrick Engles.

12 years a slave is a twisted, false, racist movie about slavery,
designed to trick whites into feeling guilty about slavery.

Designed to create a race war in the US.

Look at Haiti. Men keep women as slaves.
Men rape girls daily from age 7 to 27.
Women have no rights in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bermuda & the whole Carrarabin.
Except in Cuba.

There is almost no racism in Cuba.
Cuba has eliminated racism by providing jobs for all,
education for all.

Whites did not start slavery.
Blacks enslaved blacks.
Black males pride themselves as slave masters.
Black female are kept as slaves in the black community, even in the US.
Most slave masters were blacks in New Orleans & Africa.
Boycott this false, twisted view of slavery.

The true history of slavery can only be told by a
Marxist view of history.
Hollywood tells a racist lie.

Whites are not the cause of slavery.
Whites were slaves 2,000 BC, and we defeated slavery
by educating our children,
by defeating religion,
by defeating drug addiction in our community,
by freeing women from slavery,
white people freed themselves from slavery,

Posted by Paul Kangas on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 9:57 pm

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