GOLDIES 2012: PianoFight - Page 2

A multi-faceted, multi-armed organization of sketch comedy, original drama, new play festivals, and comedy-horror-ballet about ducks


"So glad Point Break Live! dropped out," muses Williams, "because ShortLived turned out to be an amazing community builder. It really was one of the biggest drivers of our company initially, since we had to get a bunch of actors, a bunch of directors, and a bunch of writers."

"The R&D wing of the theater business is [made up of] small, scrappy companies," says Ready. "If it was just us I'd be, 'All right, we're just that more awesome,' but it's not. There are a lot of people saying theater can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people."

As for the name PianoFight, apparently there's no short answer to that question. I was invited to come back some time with a bottle of whiskey and ask again. "Have at least 24 hours," cautions Williams. "You've got to set aside some time, some whiskey ... and bring a credit card, too."

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