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San Franpsycho and Mill get the Street Seen once-over

SF styles: The San Franpsycho crew and Vipada Wongpatanasin modeling for Mill.

Far, far away from the San Franpsycho clubhouse sits a Noe Valley clothing store that has absolutely zero hot men in it, but managed to pull me in on the strength of its color palette alone (I am, at my heart, a primary shades kind of person. This is Atlantis and I'm like, nautical.)

Said shop was Mill, and it's MILF territory — at least, such were the women audibly rhapsodizing over the shop's stock while I was there, and who were subsequently drawn in by the incredibly informative employees for a conversation about respective kids' ages, the pleasures of teaching one's youngster how to give mommy a foot massage, etc.

I was back in the dressing room trying on my Japanese striped/solid BlueBlue boatneck dress, silk drawstring pants with daisy motif by Janezic (a line designed by Michele Janezic, Mill's store manager whose drapey tank tops are a touch more club-ready and sexy than the rest of Mill's offerings), and high-waisted, below-the-knee, A-line Levi's denim skirt.

"I just can't believe this! It's amazing," went the raptures. I should mention that Mill is the brand-new female wear offshoot of beloved Castro store Unionmade. Unionmade was recently dinged by Gawker because its clothes are not, sadly, union-made. Nonetheless, its collection has garnered an enthusiastic following among those who swoon for spendy, high quality denim and other rugged forms of fashion. These followers included females, leading to the birth of Mill, which carries some unisex items in addition to female items from the same brands as Unionmade.

"The philosophy of Mill is to offer classic, quality, and timeless products," Janezic told me in an email after my visit (I didn't cop any of the items I tried on, but that was more a question of insufficient funds than personal proclivity because I wanted them all very badly. Even the Barbour "Morris" waxed utility jacket that seemed like a must-have for the drippy SF winter was $379, so I guess I must not-have it sob.)

But I'll tell you this: if Mill ever needs someone to watch the store at night, say curl up on a pile of goldenrod Levi's wool trenches lined with poncho material next to its stacks of design mags, wake up in the morning and go out brand representing in some Imogene + Willie jeans (this is cute — manufactured in Tennessee by a twangy couple who started in a gas station basement and still get their fabric from one the country's last and oldest denim factories) and Gitman Bros. gingham button-ups...

... well, at least now they know my name.

3751 24th St., SF. (415) 401-8920,

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