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Street artist Apex's new show — and departure from the Mid-Market area — is a sign of the times

The same week Apex's solo show opened at 941 Geary, he was moving out of his Mid-Market studio, and opening a coffee kiosk.

And, as his solo show is testament, he's not letting the forced move stop him. That day job? He bought a coffee kiosk. The business is about him "trying to be mature," he says, laughing as he talks about Otis Cafe, the Four Barrel-equipped stand he's set up in the Otis Lounge nightclub entryway (25 Maiden, SF) where you can now find him weekdays from 7am to 3:30pm.

"This idea popped into my head," he says. 'Coffee cart, that's a low end startup." The Maiden Lane micro-'hood lacks designer coffee, and on the day I visit, new regulars are already lining up.

For Apex, the kiosk is just product of a creative mind. "I feel very blessed, fortunate," he muses. "Like, I'm an idea person. Painting, art allows me to get the most of those ideas to come to light." The Otis Cafe sandwich board and cart bear Apex's signature loops of color — a new home in the downtown area for the artist himself.


Through Jan. 5

941 Geary, SF

(415) 931-2500


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