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The city's eviction of HANC's recycling center could harm local businesses along with the gardeners and recyclers

The community garden, native plant nursery, and recycling center at HANC have been ordered off the property by the city.

Some of HANC's current gardeners count among the local homeless population, said Soumyaa Behrens, HANC's social media coordinator. Those few homeless use their plots to grow food.

"You meet people you wouldn't meet anywhere else," said Miriam Pinchuck, a writer who will soon lose her and her husband's garden plot at HANC. "It's very shortsighted, and it'd deprive us of a chance to meet our neighbors."

Though Dunn and Gaar are in negotiations with city officials on their gardners' behalf, at this point it looks like the current gardeners will need to sign up for the new plots, just like everybody else.

Gaar looks like he may be the only employee to work at the new garden site once it replaces the recycling center. He'd have to volunteer, but he said that doesn't necessarily bother him.

"For me, gardening is a joy," Gaar said, although he did voice one concern: "I just want the nursery to survive." With HANC's eviction, it seems like everyone has something to worry about.