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Latin Dish: Words matter, and we're using the wrong one


But wait — if they are named refugees then it would change their status, actually accord them rights and protection — just like any refugee in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. A whole series of UN protocols would come into effect. It would force this country to look hard and deep into its bloody history with the rest of the continent. What politico wants that? And what politico wants to lose million of workers who can be exploited perhaps for generations as long they are kept in the shadows?

So the next time you see someone who might be a refugee — especially a Latino, since Latinos seem to be the main focus of Immigration Control and Enforcement — ask yourself what country that person might be from. Ask yourself if the US created some chaos there — and if you don't know, try reading some critical histories of the continent. Guatemala Country Occupied by Eduardo Galeano, Or Empire's Workshop by Greg Grandin. or Masters of War, by Clara Nieto or, well — you get my drift.

As long as the US doesn't stop creating chaos, propping up mummies and dropping matches all over the neighborhood, you won't be able to build a fence high enough or long enough to stop the flood of refugees from escaping the fire. Regardless what you do with the "reform" you'll soon have millions more refugees.

As for the guy who complained about the neighbors trampling his rose garden—well, why did you burn your neighbor's casita down for pendejo?



Seared with billions in military aid

Trussed together with phony borders, barbed wire,

Ridiculous fences and patriotic scoundrels

Wrapped in red-white-blue cheesecloth

Slathered with the thickest of lies

Cooked to perfection on fox-no-news

Serve flambéed at the next

Immigration reform potluck

Invite your neighbor

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