YEAR IN MUSIC 2012: Beach squelch shimmy - Page 2

Supergroup Uzi Rash plots its own demise for the end of 2012

Leader of the pack, Max Nordile, lets it bleed.

By the time you read this, their last performance will have come and gone and Nordile will have screamed along to "I'm a Trashbag" with the deepest conviction. Oakland has long served as a gritty breeding ground for so many acts that never got their fair due or enough recognition, but with Uzi Rash, we recognize their ability to put Dylan in self-deprecating drag, to recycle a riff, rip a melody (sometimes a whole song title straight up), but to put their own "beach squelch shimmy" spin on it and make it exciting.

"Rock'n'roll has been mostly boring white boys with guitars. I am too, but I realize it and strive to acknowledge it and move on." With that we take the boogie or, booji, as he'd say in stride and wait while Nordile casually contemplates his next music project because five years is up.


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