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Upstage/Downstage Awards: theater's best and worst of 2012

From The Hundred Flowers Project

Most graceful bow Becoming Grace at the Jewish Theatre. Naomi Newman's potent solo play, built from the words and writing of author Grace Paley, closed the 34th and final season of San Francisco's esteemed Jewish Theatre (formerly Traveling Jewish Theatre). (Avila)

Best musical theater collaboration The Ratcatcher at the Imaginists. This Santa Rosa company is a must see for lovers of smart, intimate, community-based theater, and their latest, a re-telling of the Pied Piper of Hamelin legend, is a pitch-perfect dystopian fairytale featuring a memorable cast and an irresistible musical score by full-partners in the production, the Crux. It's worth the drive, but here's hoping they bring it down to SF sometime. (Avila)

Best death scene Michael Zavala in Phaedra's Love at Bindlestiff Studio. Do It Live!'s worthy production of Sarah Kane's reworking of the Hippolytus myth climaxes with Hippolytus (a hipster hedonist in Zavala's capable rendering), castrated and disemboweled, but finally interested in life. (Avila) *


Short takes by Robert Avila:

Best impersonation of a pervy authority figure Sara Moore as Mr. Roper in Three's Company at Finn's Funhouse

Best argument for going color blind Red at Berkeley Rep

Best approximation of a teenager Ann Lawler as Theresa in 100 Saints You Should Know, at Theater Rhino

Worst approximation of teenagers Jesus in India, at the Magic Theatre

Best actual teenagers Director Nick A. Olivero's excellent, age-appropriate cast in Dog Sees God at Boxcar

Most existentially satisfying use of a digital delay Sara Kraft's TRUTH++ at the This Is What I Want festival at SOMArts

Best lounge act without a lounge Anne McGuire (and Anne McGuire) and Wobbly in Music Again at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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