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An unexpectedly controversial German film about skaters challenges the establishment in more ways than one.

This Ain't California ain't a traditional documentary.

On the controversy over allowing a partially fictitious film win awards in the documentary category (against presumably less colorful and more rigorously fact-based films), Persiel remains silent, though he does theorize that the definition of "documentary" is expanding and evolving all the time.

"I call This Ain't California a 'documentary tale'," he explicates, adding his own micro-category. It's an explanation that probably won't placate his detractors, but whatever side of the definition of "documentary" the film winds up being relegated to, the definition of "best" will still apply. No matter what, it's a movie well worth seeing, and controversies aside, a movie well worth having been made — for truly we have been splendidly manipulated. *





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