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In the Yucatan, a New Age fest turns into chaos

The Castle at Tulum is a major archeological attraction

But tourism is still tourism, and there is certainly a reverence and respect for the Mayan culture being expressed by all the festival goers that I've talked to, even if this may be one in a series of culture moments that are part of this age of transformation and the creation of values that are different than the ones we've inherited from older generations.

As astrologer Rob Breszny told me, people are emotional beings, and there's something about transformation festivals that mark a moment and allow us to build on it, from the days of Woodstock through the annual exercise in community building that is Burning Man. And with this log thrown onto the fire, perhaps those interested in transformation will burn a little brighter.

Tulum is still pretty close to paradise, with its white sands beaches, warm clean seas, chill happy people, and wonderful off-the-grid abundance. Here, it's easy to commune with the natural world, which seems to be what this day calls for. Whether its the symbols in the sky created by the outlines of unfamiliar birds, or the dots of bioluminous organism on the beach as we celebrated the arrival of Dec. 21, they all seem portentous of something better.