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For $26, I gained 2,500 followers -- and you can, too! Adventures in being fake popular on Twitter

Donohue's Twitter profile, with newly perky follower count thanks to a $26 investment in fake relevance

"Is it ethical to recall all of the gold and silver in the world's currency and hand out worthless paper in its place?" wrote Prescott in a somewhat distractionary paragraph that left me with rather more questions than less. "Is it ethical to allow collateral damage in war, in the form of woman and children? Is it ethical to take the citizens' guns and leave them defenseless against a tyrannical government? Bottom line, ethical'ness' is different for everyone in regards to their perspective on the matter."

Delgado stuck closer to the point, inasmuch as celebrities are always the point.

"I believe it is ethical only because Celebrities [all capitalization Delgado's own] have been doing this for years. Way before companies like ours started offering these services, it was exclusively only offered to Top Notch Celebs. It isn't hard to see that it would be very difficult for someone to compete in an industry where only the Elite were allowed to use these services. I am helping to close the barrier."

I liked Delgado's egalitarian thinking. Hell, if I was willing to spend another $1,500 on bot love, I could be the next Mitt Romney.

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