Bungle in the jungle - Page 3

A vaunted New Age event creates ugly recriminations

Mexican police blockade the campground, saying the festival did not have permits or permission.

Dozens of people told us that things would have been even worse if people on the ground didn't take the initiative, noting that DiMartino even refused to come to the campground for five hours while police blocked access to weary attendees until after 2am, an incident he minimized to us, calling it a miscommunication and insisting "I had a personal arrangement with the property owner."

Giusti said she and other staffers are moving rapidly toward resolution of all the problems surrounding Synthesis, from refunds to attendees (many of whom paid $499 each for a "full experience pass") to compensation for staff, both financial and spiritual.

"Michael does need to come forward and apologize to people," Giusti told us, noting that she is planning a healing ritual to bring closure to this whole saga. "He will sit in the center of a circle and hear what everyone went through."