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A new doc goes to hell and back

Your fired: 'Hellbound?'

Why would God create enormous numbers of folk — say, all those non-Christian ones — just to send them to Hades? If you're a Buddhist or a Sikh raised in religious isolation, how have you exercised a personal "choice" against the true God that justifies sending you there? Don't ask, just shut up, feel the fear, and hate who I hate — or such seems to be the message of many prominent "Christians" of late. But: "If you have a paradigm that doesn't allow you to ask questions, there's something wrong with your paradigm," as another scholar puts it here.

In fact, Jesus was all about the loving enemies, plenty of the Bible suggests ultimate reconciliation and "washing of sins" for all, and isn't making God hateful just a way of justifying the hate we feel ourselves? Maybe hell was merely meant to be "your condition, not a place ... the malice we feel within our own conscience that 'burns' us," an Orthodox rabbi says. God's justice as restorative and healing, embracing all — the dread word is not heard in Hellbound?, but one could easily imagine many fervent believers of today feeling that that long-running yet currently unfashionable interpretation is dangerously close to, y'know, Socialism. *


Thu/17-Sat/19, 7:30pm (also Sat/19, 4pm); Sun/20, 2 and 4pm

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

701 Mission, SF



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