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Queer Lifespace and SF Therapy Collective bring healing to marginalized communities

Queer LifeSpace director Nancy Heilner and intern Kat Cruz

In spite of their success to date, the colleagues recently learned that the lease for Queer LifeSpace cannot be renewed after April. As the staff and board of the nonprofit look toward the future, they are eager to reach their fundraising goal of $60,000 to cover the costs of moving and establishing plans for a long-term center that can serve 350 members by the end of 2013.

Eventually, they hope to expand their capacity for clients and trainees in the new space and develop a financial model for long-term success and sustainability. But in the meantime, they face the crisis of not having a home in the spring.

As Heilner made clear, "Our next step is finding funds to sustain growth and reach. We've been reassuring people that we will make it through this. We will."

Queer LifeSpace 470 Castro, Suite 202, SF. (415) 358-2000,

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