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Local sexpert thinks society is ready for prostate pleasure


For example, in the chapter titled, "Prostate Massage," one can learn all about how to use fingers properly: "When it comes to the prostate, poking is exactly what you don't want to do! It may have felt great on your shoulder just now, but the prostate is another matter entirely," says the guide. "We've spoken with a lot of men who complained about finger tips poking and stabbing their prostate, which can feel too intense, uncomfortable, or even painful."

That chapter also includes sections on "starting slow and ramping up" and "rhythm and variety." Another common misnomer that Glickman puts some ink towards correcting is the idea that bigger is always better when it comes to butt play. Did you know there is a difference between anal sensation and prostate stimulation? While anal sensations are affected by size of penetrating object, incredible prostate pleasure can be found with just one finger or a finger-sized toy. Tips like these aren't meant to reduce men's anxiety about being penetrated, especially those who have only seen anal sex in porn.

The book seeks to address both psycho-social concerns while providing practical how-to advice by carefully delineating between the multiple ways that the prostate can be stimulated and sexual orientation.

Another quote from the text: "The important thing to know is that whether you like anal penetration is about what kinds of sexual stimulation work for you; who you want to do it with is about your sexual orientation. While there can be some correlation between the two, one doesn't imply anything about the other. If you're gay and you don't like anal play, you're still gay. If you're straight (or bi or any other sexual orientation) and you enjoy it, that doesn't make you gay."


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