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Locally-made gifts for your boo (or you)

Your boo can wear Variance Objects' modular jewelry for your entire V-Day date -- picnic in the park to deeds in the dungeon.

Although you will get side-eyed by many Valentines if you suggest that a bottle of Miller High Life is an adequate way to celebrate Cupid's aim, warm fuzzies while boozing are still totally possible. Per usual, V-Day falls in the thick of the Bay Area's marquee week for gourmet brew events, SF Beer Week. So take your low-key, suds-loving babe to Thirsty Bear's $20-25 "Chocolate, Beer, and Cupid" night to sip coco-vanilla cask ale while making your own chocolates (feel free to bring your boo's favorite aphrodisiac throw-in for xxxtra points.) Also happening on Feb. 14: sweet and sour beer pairings at The Monk's Kettle, four limited release brews on tap, with sweet bites from Socola Chocolatier at Speakeasy Brewery's newly-opened, Kelly Malone-designed tap room. Elixir, Noc Noc, the Sycamore, Rosamunde's Mission location, La Trappe, and Blackbird are all doing V-Day Beer Week specials as well.

Various Bay Area locations,


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