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Artists draw inspiration from John Cage for 'Silence'

'Gold Silence (The Electric Chair)'

Overlapping existential and cultural silences, the first gallery in the exhibition features several of Andy Warhol's electric chair silkscreens (1965 and 1967), interspersed with Christian Marclay's Silence paintings (all 2006), which appropriate a cropping from Warhol's source photographs of the execution chamber and the "Silence" sign above the door that illuminated to alert attendees that the execution was about to take place. Also shown are extensive sketches from Marclay, showing his ongoing interest in these particular Warhols. As a framing device for the show, the pairing of Warhol and Marclay helps illustrate the pregnant potentials within Warhol's bleak, lovely fascination with death imagery, and inverts the pairing of Rauschenberg and Reinhardt. Warhol's particular silence, the attenuation and emptying of visual meanings through repetition, is taken up again by Marclay as productive fodder for an entire body of investigations.

Throughout February, film screenings addressing various kinds of cinematic and personal silences accompany the show. February 27, short experimental works that incorporate complications on sound and silence will include Darrin Martin's Monograph in Stereo (2005), which addresses silence via hearing loss. *


Through April 28

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

2575 Bancroft, Berk.


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