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'The Singularity' explores the ever-shrinking differences between computers and humans

Brains on the brain: Ray Kurzweil

DW My audience is people who are thinking about the world. I want to believe that everybody thinks about their place in the world, and what's good, and what's bad, and what's important — not that we have the answers, but we at least think about it. It's a smart film and it requires a lot of attention from the viewer, and not everybody can do that.

I want it to be for the next generations. I know that sounds really hokey, but I was born in 1959, and I was a young kid in the 1960s when we were going to the moon. I was so in awe of science. I really want to get people excited about science and technology. Sure, gadgets are cool, but where science can lead us, and the things that it can do for us, are amazing.

For younger generations who are on Facebook and Twitter all day, to see how the technology has come to where it is, where it will go, and how it's part of their lives — I really want this to be for them.

The Singularity is available for purchase on iTunes and at Check out the trailer here!



Regarding your statements:
"However, he misses some part of what it's like to be human — it's just the calculations he looks at. But I don't want to pooh-pooh him because he's done so much for science and technology. And we're all just human. He's not a perfect person."

Or...he could be right. After all, this is what he does and he's a lot smarter than you.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 09, 2013 @ 6:49 pm

Ray is absolutely smarter than me. He could certainly be right. That's why I said I would not dismiss him.

Posted by Doug Wolens on Mar. 11, 2013 @ 9:54 am

"...Singularity Institute, which used to be down in Mountain View, doing artificial intelligence theory and thinking about how to protect us from these machines if they ever became sentient and wanted to take over the world."

If you were referring to SIAI, I understand their goal is to be proactive about it. Instead of defensive.

Posted by Guest on Jun. 07, 2013 @ 5:14 pm

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