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Park Chan-wook unleashes his artfully creepy Stoker

Shoes blues: Mia Wasikowska in 'Stoker'

However, I do admit that it's one of the first things I talked about with the producer after I read the script: the timelessness of this film. And the same goes for the location as well. It was deliberate in how I didn't tie the story down to any particular location in America; you can't really tell where the story takes place. That was intentional, and the reason I was trying to achieve this was that I was trying to create a more archetypical story.

SFBG I have to ask: Harmony Korine has a cameo as India's art teacher. How did that come about?

PCW Well, we shot in Nashville, and Harmony is based there. He's also good friends with Mia [Wasikowska]. So we met, and became friends. And the high school where we shot the art-class sequence was actually the high school where Harmony was once a student. *


STOKER opens Fri/15 in Bay Area theaters.

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