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Crocker Galleria says goodbye to high-priced national brands and hello to locally-owned little guys

T-We Tea's new kick-back location in the Crocker Galleria begs for salacious gossip and noontime dance parties.

Christina Ruiz, who opened Topshelf Boutique originally in a van that traveled about, bringing gauzy, bright dresses, studded button-downs, cat-eye sunglasses, and the occasional vintage piece to shoppers, has had a lot of luck in the pop-up space. She admits that originally, she wasn't sure if the Topshelf's club casual style would sell to the big-money downtown types.

"I was surprised that I sold so well," she says. "I worked as a bartender for a long time when I didn't have to dress up for anything." She's grown to appreciate the day job schedule, though. "I really like it here because [customers come through] Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. That's so not traditional for retail."

Office workers who wear studs, tea shop kikis, a mall that could be kind of cool — sounds like a different kind of commercial community is being built. Says Coccagna of this mall magic: "you can feel the shift here."

Crocker Galleria 50 Post, SF.


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