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DIY suds culture thrives at Brewlab

A custom Brewlab Mason jar for tasting with a cutting-edge beer community.

In addition to its tasting events (which are now invite-only to deal with the unexpectedly high level of demand for these rad happenings) Brewlab is currently collaborating with nearly a dozen brewers to make a Belgian tripel that will age for six months in a wine barrel.

Perhaps most exciting of all, the group will be offering basic classes for people like me: wannabes who observe and admire the homebrewing craft but have no idea how to start making their own beer. The classes will be free to the public. No experience is necessary, and Brewlab's equipment sharing program can help ease you into brewerdom on the cheap.

Throughout my conversations with Gilbert and Smith, it seemed clear that while they're excited about expanding the Brewlab community and continuing to expand its programming, their primary goal is to nurture a small and strong community that stays true to the craft.

"So many awesome people have come through our doors, tasted our beers, and worked hard to support the organization at this point," Gilbert writes. Thanks to Brewlab, it's a good time to be a little guy in the brewing game in San Francisco.

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