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When you're golden -- Golden Grrrrls -- monikers carry weight

The Grrrrls of Glasgow and London.

Aimee Mann has been showing up in weird places lately, right? As a pitch-perfect version of herself as a housecleaner on Portlandia, in that so-called Postal Service lost audition tape. Mann and her fellow musician Ted Leo are both known for idiosyncratic takes on storytelling (she of the quiet, folkier persuasion, he of verbose punk), and have forged a friendship on the road as solo artists. Recently, the pair announced a joint project, new band #BOTH, and for the duo's first visit to SF, it naturally is playing Bottom of the Hill (otherwise known as BOTH). Even better, our own John Vanderslice — who recently released Kickstarter-funded new LP, Dagger Beach — opens. It's like the brainy songwriter Olympics up in here.

Tue/26, 9pm, $20. Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th St.,


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