Who gets hit by Muni switchbacks? - Page 2

It's mostly low-income and outer neighborhoods

SFMTA data shows a pattern of switchbacks in District 10 and District 4, particularly affecting riders headed to the outskirts.

"SFMTA needs to prioritize providing reliable transit service to all San Franciscans," Sup. Malia Cohen, who represents the Bayview, told us. "While I understand that systems need to be flexible to adjust to accidents or other issues, the data tells us that there is a pattern of these switchbacks in our outer neighborhoods in District 10 and District 4, disproportionately impacting low income transit riders, seniors and families."

San Francisco's Transit First policy, which appears in the City Charter, states: "The primary objective of the transportation system must be the safe and efficient movement of people and goods." But Muni regularly boots three specific groups of train passengers off the trains, even though they have the farthest to travel. They're left out on the platforms during off-peak hours, sometimes after dark, when there are longer wait times between trains. Does anyone actually believe that's safe and efficient?