CAREERS AND ED: Learn to eat

5 classes that teach you to fork and swallow the right way

Take "Cottage Law 101" to join the ranks of ForageSF's Underground Market artisans.

CAREERS AND ED Don't tell me you've been eating your whole life and you don't need any lessons on food. Hardy har har, how's your waist line? Energy level? Food budget? You can always learn more about how to make your diet healthier, cheaper, and above all, more sustainable. The Bay Area has to be one of the best places in the world to learn about how to eat well, and the institutions that put on each of these course offerings are phenomenal places to start dabbling in the area. No more plastic-wrapped sandwiches, ill-informed beer purchases, or factory farm chicken for you, boo boo.


No excuses: you can garden in San Francisco year-round, and that doesn't matter anyway because we're in the rosy pink of spring, when even your uncle up in Minneapolis is turning his thoughts to sprouts and soil. Garden for the Environment has a host of classes dedicated to greening that fat lil' digit of yours, but today's offering is particularly salient for snackers. Organic gardening instructor Carey Craddock will take charge among the rows today, teaching you what plants are perfect for April, and how to get your space ready to raise edible flora.

April 13, 10am-2pm, $25. Garden for the Environment, Lawton and Seventh Ave., SF.


At the end of the day in this urban chickenry class, you'll have not only witnessed but aided in the construction of a "Garden Ark" portable chicken coop. Carpenter Joan Weir has designed this one-off course to be of maximum service to the community — you'll learn coop-building skills, and Rosa Parks Elementary School will score a brand-new home for its feathered flock.

April 14, 10am-5pm, $50. Rosa Parks Elementary School, 920 Allston, Berk.


The talk is actually part of Oakland Veg Week (April 22-28), which includes tons of free veg and vegan cooking classes, lectures on sustainable eating, a screening of the plant-based diet booster Forks Over Knives (April 25), bus trip to a Grass Valley animal sanctuary (April 27), and grand finale buffet at the Lake Merritt Sailboat House (April 28). But start here, with Colleen "The Compassionate Cook" Patrick-Goudreau's presentation that addresses all the excuses that fly about for not going veg. No time to be meat-free? Not enough protein in greens? She'll set you straight.

April 23, 6:30pm, free. Oakland Library, Temescal branch, 5205 Telegraph, Oakl.


Brew and bottle two batches of your very own suds in this three-class seminar, billed as the most comprehensive homebrew 101 in town that doesn't require any investment in equipment, for all you newbies to the brew scene. Mission Gastroclub ( founder Eric Denman is the instructor, which means you can expect delicious bites at each session, happily crucial in your quest to understand the flavors of your beer.

April 23, 30, and May 14, 7-9pm, $160. 18 Reasons, 1874 18th St., SF.

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