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Thomas Bradshaw's 'The Bereaved' sends-up the breakdown of the American middle-class

We are family, sorta: Lawrence Radecker, Josh Schell, Olivia Rosaldo, and Denmo Ibrahim in 'The Bereaved'

Crowded Fire's production embraces the material with a ready energy and focus that was contagious with opening night's packed house, though the comic tone struck here can sometimes overwhelm the play's quieter, grittier, intentionally realistic dimensions. But this is hardly a reason to avoid seeing the production, especially since The Bereaved is the first of Bradshaw's dozen or so plays to be produced in the Bay Area. Plainly staging hypocrisy, violence, and the flouted taboo in plays such as Dawn, Strom Thurman Is Not a Racist, or The Bereaved is central to Bradshaw's satire, a bluntness that suspends moral judgment to look squarely at underlying complexities. Along the way, he's been honing a distinct theatrical voice that has been widely enjoyed (or not) for years. Crowded Fire's production is a welcome and long overdue arrival.


Through April 27

Wed-Sat, 8pm, $10-$35

Thick House

1695 18th St, SF


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