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Phil Manley's Life Coach, Anna Hillburg's solo album, King Khan and BBQ Show return

Life Coach hits the Hemlock Sat/20.

"[Mitchell] rips that crazy solo," Manley says, excitedly recalling the recording of "Fireball," — "[Mitchell] was like, oh my god, my hands are on fire!"

While Theodore did record most of his drums down in Malibu, some of the tracks were rerecorded live with Manley. "The tracks developed as we were playing live," Manley explains. "But everything was a time crunch, so while we were on tour, we just snuck it in and finished it. I like working that way anyway — less time to fuss and you just bang it out. I feel like records sound better when you do them quickly, [they sound] less labored."


In the first section of his farcical (if dead-on) popular music/how-to/occult book on forming a buzz band, Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'n' Roll Group, legendarily hip frontperson Ian Svenonius (of Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, Weird War, Chain and the Gang) holds seances with dead rock stars to glean important information for the reader. The book continues with more pragmatic chapters like "communicating with those outside of the group" and "manufacturing nostalgia," along with the scathingly accurate chapter, "critics."

Winks Svenonius in the intro, "with the information revealed in this book, you too will be empowered to create a rock'n'roll group, tour the world, and record (or otherwise construct) a body of work so as to create a myth which might define a generation, inspire a movement, or earn the other various earmarks of rock'n'roll success. You might even perform at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival if you play your cards right."

Word to the wise, show up for the reading early; City Lights gets packed at these events, and you don't want to miss an up-close look at Svenonius' lippy pout and oh-so-tight pants.

Wed/17, 7pm, free. City Lights, 261 Columbus, SF.


You may already know Anna Hillburg's sonic touch, without knowing you know her. The Bay Area trumpet player has guested on Dodos and Fresh and Onlys records, and she's one-third of power-pop girl group, Dreamdate. As she puts it, she's hella local. Get to know her more intimately on her new self-titled solo album — released on vinyl, March 25 on California Clap.

Left to her own devices, the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hops genre barriers and eras over the course of 13 tracks, mixing classic '60s pop with girl group harmonies, cry-ing over you ballads and dreamy whispers to forlorn lovers, with hat tips to fuzzy '70s folk, Joni Mitchell, and the like. The only constant is Hillburg's pleasant and confident crooning. Also, can we talk about this album cover? Perfection. With Luke Sweeney, Garrett Pierce.

Thu/18, 9pm, $10. Eagle Tavern, 398 12th St., SF. Facebook: SFEagle.


And they said it wouldn't happen. Remember all the way back in '10, when sloppy doo-wop masters King Khan (Arish Khan) and BBQ Show (Mark Sultan) imploded over a series of on-stage arguments on an ill-fated tour? The Canadian garage punk duo has since mended — not before going on separate solo victory laps as King Khan and the Shrines and Mark Sultan, respectively — and has been patching things up with fresh songs and a few short tours. This is Khan and Sultan's first time back in SF together since the break.

In the words of the dudes themselves, "Now listen baby, I don't want to fight/Beautiful darlin', maybe tomorrow night/You told me 'You know I love you so'/But did you know 'You know, I love you so'/Yeah yeah!" With Sir Lord Von Raven, Wild Eyes SF.

Fri/19, 9pm, $16. Slim's, 333 11th St., SF.


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