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With New Build, Al Doyle pulls back layers from LCD Soundsystem and that other favorable act

Still from New Build's latest video "False Thing."

New Build is using gaps in Hot Chip's schedule (and the relative proximity of its equipment) to stage a West Coast tour. Following the expansive models Doyle is used to, the three members will increase to seven on the road. More expensive, as well, it might mean barely breaking even or going broke, but Doyle prefers the spectacle. "Lots of new bands, you like the music on the record, but then go see them play live and it's a couple of guys with electronics, maybe one of them is playing guitars but doesn't really need to, or playing a bit of completely extraneous percussion. I didn't want it to feel like a tacked on thing, I wanted to feel like an experience."

"We're very lucky to find some amazing musicians. Ben Ubly plays bass guitar, and he is childhood friends with Tom, who was like 'this guy can really play." And we were like 'Well, how good could he really be?' But then he turns out to the one of the best musicians we've ever played with. Never been in any bands, literally just a bedroom player. Just stepped up and seems like he's built for it."

With New Build, Doyle has also stepped up and into the front. We'll see how well he's built, having spent over a decade in two international touring bands, and likely picking up a thing or two from Taylor, Goddard, and Murphy. "James was just able to really relax an audience and make them feel appreciated that's just something he has as a person. I'd obviously love to try and emulate that sort of presence. I'm still learning how to do that a little bit."



With No Ceremony///

Sun/28, 8pm, $17


628 Divisadero, SF

(415) 771-1421

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