Special occasion eviction - Page 2

In the face of eviction, will Mission favorite Latin Bridal continue to grant quinceañera dreams?


The shop may be gone by the time you read this, if small business advocates are unable to help. At the very least we will have these photos of young customers in the Latin Bridal dresses they wore on the heretofore most important day of their lives — proof positive of Latin Bridal's importance in a neighborhood that seems to have decided to change. "At least we'll have gone out big," says Ferrusquia's son Eddie, thanking the shoot crew after the lights and curling irons are packed out.

"Don't worry about anything on your day," Ferrusquia says in Spanish to one of our customer-models, for whom the shoot is a test drive for her quinceañera next week. "Don't let anyone rush you! This day will never happen again." 

Latin Bridal 2631 Mission, SF. (415) 647-4200, www.latinbridal.com


Models: Amaris Tenorio, Brenda Diaz, Michelle Trejo

Art direction: Caitlin Donohue

Photography: Shot in the City

Makeup: Sarina Martinez/porcelainglow@gmail.com

Hair: Vivien Brown/Salon Miel

Assistant: Dick Van Dick