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The tech sector has created great wealth — and worse inequality. Is that San Francisco's future?

El Roto's 'Untitled (30 Cartoons)' is among the works on display at YBCA's 'Without Reality There Is No Utopia" exhibit

McChesney and others do think things are slowly changing, with the old lies and deceptions getting less believable as economic hardships get more widespread and the monopolies stifle innovation, a process that he said has already begun.

"The start-up phase of the Internet is slowing down," said McChesney, whose book documents that trend, which is attributable to everything from patent law to the unfair competition of monopolies. "This system isn't working and most people are being dealt a bad hand," he told us, noting that many polls show the people are ahead of political and economic leaders on the understanding the issue. "But it is a declining system, a decaying system...Something has to give. You can't have the continuation of corruption at the political level and the economic damage it does and not have a backlash."




























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