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Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha believes in modern love

My girl: Frances (Greta Gerwig) battles her BFF (Mickey Summer).

Later that day, Baumbach elaborated on the same thought. "Economics were really going to influence a lot of what Frances does, because the movie was structured by finding a home, lack of a home, constant movement," he said. "Her economic reality had to be a huge component of her story."

Frances Ha captures twentysomething ennui with the same honesty Baumbach deployed in Kicking and Screaming, though there are some key differences: the Kicking and Screaming guys were mere months post-graduation, while Frances, who is 27, is more removed from college — whether she wants to admit it or not. "It didn't feel like the exact same territory, but I was aware that it was kind of addressing some of the stuff that I was addressing back then," Baumbach said. (Not coincidental, one presumes, is the cameo in Frances Ha by Kicking and Screaming star Josh Hamilton.)   

Though he won't cop to naming his main character after, um, France, Baumbach does admit that the country's films (he points specifically to works by Truffaut, Rohmer, and Carax) have had a strong influence on him as a director, and on Frances Ha in particular.

"I think [for these filmmakers], the joy of making the movie is somehow evident in the movie itself," he said. "Sometimes, that can be annoying! But the rush you get from it, you can just feel, like, the pleasure of movies. With Frances Ha, I wanted to push that, and do things like have her run down the street [while David Bowie's 'Modern Love' plays on the soundtrack]. Just go for it, because the movie really could hold it. I think a lot of [the films that inspired me] have that. And because a lot of the music is borrowed from those movies, it feels even more like a clear connection."

FRANCES HA opens Fri/24 in Bay Area theaters


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