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Passion meets intellect in Tom Stoppard's past-and-present tale 'Arcadia'

Rebekah Brockman and Jack Cutmore-Scott in Arcadia

This is Perloff's second go-round helming Arcadia, the first occurring in 1995 at the then-Stage Door Theatre (now Ruby Skye). Despite some lags in energy, her measured direction matches the elegance of both the decor and the lofty ideation without sacrificing the sly wit that simmers beneath almost every dialogue. Though the pragmatic, modern-day scientist Valentine (Adam O'Byrne) points out that thanks to the principles of thermodynamics, everything in the universe will eventually wind up "at room temperature," the emotional heat trapped in the most coolly academic characters nonetheless gradually seeps to the surface. The play's final scene, a wordless waltz between two unlikely pairs, trembles right at the verge of combustion. 


Through June 9

Tue-Sat, 8pm (also Wed and Sat, 2pm); Sun, 2pm, $20-$95

Geary Theater

415 Geary, SF


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