The Blob eats Quebec - Page 2

More than just poutine (but that, too): Surprising flavors enliven a brief tour through one of Canada's culinary capitals

Savory-sweet rabbit pie at Lapin Sautee in the Lower Town



This is the place: a former bank on a corner in the neat Saint-Roch district, transformed into a magnet for foodies (there are some gentrification issues here, yes). The innovative menu doesn't show its hand too much — you're getting deeply thought-through, hyperlocal fare, but that fact's not treated like a showy gimmick, plastered everywhere. One stand-out: blood pudding sausage ($23.95), melting with rich, dark pork and accompanied by pineapple (OK, not so local always) chutney and hearty fresh vegetables. Desserts are a must — tiny chocolate squares as dense as black holes dot caramelized bananas in rum sauce with sticky popcorn; érable (maple) flavor erupts in a warm fritter crusted with sweet pecans.  

203, rue Saint-Joseph Est,

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