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Funsch Dance Experience triumphs with 'State'
Nol Simonse and Alex Keitel in Kneel Before Fire

When the fingers of one hand began to tremble, it began to look like a conversation within her body. Grabbing her leg, she wanted to control a limp that careened her downstage. When the music switched into a jazz mode, she rollicked along with it. Opening and closing Moving were Funsch's arms angled against her head. Their motion suggested that of the shutters on a lens. If Moving returns, I'll revisit M beforehand.

At this point, the final work, she's near she's now she's nowhere (which was announced as "in-progress") is a loosely constructed trio for Celine Alwyn-Parker, Aura Fischbeck, and Peiling Kao. How and if its robust physicality eventually will be tamed and shaped will be the challenge. Tamara Alburtis's sound sculpture of tiny speakers looked promising, but remained silent for much of the duration.


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