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Back together for Burger Boogaloo, raunchy surf-punks the Trashwomen reflect on SF's garage heyday


They also once played Bimbo's, opening up for Nina Hagen, and they flew to New York to play CBGBs, which was monumental for all three. The day after the show, they went to Coney Island, ate hot dogs, and rode the Cyclone — on which Zolot severely injured her back; she has yet to go on a rollercoaster since. They were also heckled along the boardwalk, Pimm says. "Some of the girls at Coney Island, they were like, 'excuse me, B-52s!'"

The band also toured Europe and Japan briefly, playing alongside its Japanese equivalent, the's.

"The Germany shows were weird," Pimm says. "We played somewhere in East Berlin, and all these metalheads walked in and we were like, 'this is our audience? They're going to hate us!' The crowd ended up not letting the Trashwomen leave the stage, standing up front with folded arms, begging them to play more.

From all the stories, it seems like an aggressive, wildly exciting time for the band, but it's easy to see why it eventually fizzled. Lucchesi has gone on to form acts like the aforementioned Bobbyteens, and is also currently in two-person garage-punk band Cyclops with her boyfriend Jonny Cat, and Midnite Snaxxx, with former Bay Guardian staffer Dulcinea Gonzalez. She also runs Down at Lulu's a little vintage shop and hair salon in Oakland she opened seven years back with Seth Bogart, a.k.a. Hunx, and now runs solo.

Pimm too opened a salon, Marquee, last year in Oakland, near 1-2-3-4 Go! Records.

Zolot works in catering at wineries in the Napa area, dressing like a pin-up girl and shucking oysters with a mobile oyster bar, and also does photography. She's not currently in another band, but says she has some secret music projects in the works.

"We didn't even know that!" Lucchesi says when Zolot reveals this.

"It's not the same style as people would expect, so I don't talk about it much," Zolot says.

"I want to know — is it hip-hop?" Lucchesi jokes.

"No! That's for Tasha, she's got that covered," Zolot says, speaking of her daughter, Natassia Zolot, a.k.a rapper Kreayshawn. (Kreay can be heard at age five screaming the lead on the Trashwomen single "Boys Are Toys.")

"That's for the younger generation," Pimm says.

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