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In honor of her 10th year in the Guardian, a constellation of reader questions for our resident astrologer

Cat stars! Jessica Lanyadoo and friend

PSYCHIC DREAM This month marks 10 happy years of predicting your weeks ahead through the magic and wisdom of astrology, with my weekly Psychic Dream horoscopes. These 10 years have been so much fun — thank you, my beloved stargazers (and naysayers!). In honor of this decade of Psychic Dream, we solicited questions from readers across the zodiac about the fine art of astrology and the intuitive work I do. Below are my answers. XO, Jessica.

Q What's the Guardian's sign? 

Jessica Lanyadoo An intense and taboo breaking Scorpio, of course!

Q In terms of compatibility, does astrological compatibility differ for same-sex couples? If I'm looking at my partner and my charts, where should I look for compatibility? 

JL In traditional astrology we often see traditional thinking about gender and sexuality. Unfortunately, most astrological texts are written not only for heterosexual couples, but also for people who conform to stereotypical gender norms and relationship styles. This often leaves homos, poly folks, and anyone of any sexual orientation who doesn't fit into classic gender roles straining to find themselves reflected in astrological relationship readings.

Compatibility doesn't differ for same sex couples, but relationship dynamics, values, and expectations can. People are just energy, and astrology gives voice to the ways that our energies run, and the most effective ways to use them, regardless of where we fall on the sexuality spectrum.

So this next part applies to all relationships. What I look for in relationship compatibility is a couple of things. After making sure that the people involved's moons are well aspected so that they both feel safe and loved, I like to look for some healthy friction in a chart. We need difference in order to have sustained attraction and be interested in a person, so one shouldn't be scared away by predictions of conflict. Some of the most successful relationship charts I have seen are riddled with strife! The key is to make sure that whatever problems you see challenge you to become a better, more whole person instead of ones that replay your old patterns. Don't get too hung up on whether or not your Sun signs are supposed to be well matched; we are more than the sum of our Sun signs. Remember, easy is not the same as compatible.

Q How can I make "Virgo" sound sexier to people? 

JL One of the worst things that people do in astrology is pathologize others with it. Stereotyping sucks!

Virgo does sound sexy to people, but only people who are excited by smart, contemplative, and complex lovers. All 12 signs of the zodiac are sexy in their own way, but if you don't werque what you've got then you're not using your natural goods to their full potential. Be unapologetic about the sign you are, and trust that whether your spirit animal is Grumpy Cat, K.I.T.T. the talking car, or the Eiffel Tower, there is someone out there who's astrologically perfect for you.

Q How can you spin the negative or challenging traits of your sign into something good? For example, manipulation for Scorpio, fickleness for Sagittarius, etc. 

JL Luckily, every sign has its bad and good traits, no spin necessary.