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In honor of her 10th year in the Guardian, a constellation of reader questions for our resident astrologer

Cat stars! Jessica Lanyadoo and friend

Most bad traits of your astrological sign are only positive qualities that are out of balance. For instance, we know that Sagittarius can be a know-it-all, but that's just an over-exaggerated expression of Sag's awesome enthusiasm and truth-seeking nature. Cancers can be clingy, but that's just the fear-based side of their gift of being able to experience their needs and feelings genuinely. If we stop thinking about the signs as good or bad, and start seeking balance in our nature, whatever our natures are, then we tend to thrive. A simple concept, but not an easy task to fulfill.

Q In addition to astrology, tarot, and speaking to the dead, you say you work by intuition. What can you tell about someone when they walk in the room? 

JL I get asked this a lot. I try not to know anything about people when they walk in the room because it's creepy when intuitive people psychically peep on others. I'm committed to respecting others' privacy as much as I can. Also, when I'm not working, I don't want to be overwhelmed by other peoples' personal issues.

The most common misconceptions people have about psychics are that we can read your mind or are Hollywood style fortune-tellers. Your psyche and your life are not like a movie with a well-defined plot line and a beginning, middle, and end. Life is a complex choose-your-own-adventure story, a "Where's Waldo" of happiness, success, and health. Psychics and astrologers can't know all things at once about a person or their life because it's all too complex and constantly shifting.

We all have agency in our lives, and with effort and time we can change just about anything, including the path we're walking on right now.

Q Hi Jessica. Hope you are doing well. I have a question for your anniversary column. Can you see in someone's chart when/how they are going to die — or even any possibilities or hints? 

JL Another commonly asked question! I always have the same thought when someone asks me this: why in the world would you want to know how or when you're going to die? How can this information help you, and what if it's wrong? We all die, and we generally don't get to control the when and where of it, so as an astrologer and a counselor I never predict death.

What I do look for is how to maximize your quality of life while you're here, how to make good choices that promote the highest quality of life possible, for the long haul. I believe that living well trumps having a solid When-Am-I-Gonna-Die theory any day. As a medical astrologer and medical intuitive, I am interested in investigating health issues and tendencies, but only inasmuch as it's constructive.

Q Can you say without a doubt, after 10 years, that astrology "works" as a predictive science? 

JL I've been working as a professional astrologer for 18 years now and I can say authoritatively that, yes, astrology works!

Nothing is foolproof though; I believe that medical science works too, but I don't know a single person who hasn't been misdiagnosed or mistreated by it on occasion. No system or practitioner works effectively all of the time, or for all of the people, and no system should be used without discernment.

Many people throw away the wisdom of astrology and call it quackery without investigation. Many people follow it blindly. Neither approach is wise. Astrology is not a religion or a belief system. It is a valuable process of divination that when used by a trained and experienced professional can profoundly help people.