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The Descendents' Milo Aukerman on dead rock stars, caffeine addiction, and biochemistry

The Descendents stick around.

MA They also covered "Myage," "Sour Grapes," and "I'm Not a Loser" — I only learned after Nowell's death how much they liked the Descendents. We never played with Sublime, nor did I ever meet Brad. I looked at their Wiki page, which lists their "Years Active" as 1988 to 1996...that's the exact same time frame as our hiatus before Everything Sucks, so, there you go. But I'm really looking forward to seeing [Sublime with Rome] play; there will always be the naysayers saying "you can't fill Brad's shoes," but if a band's good, I don't care about that shit. Eric shreds on bass, Rome has a good voice and I like their new stuff, so it's all good.

SFBG Do you write songs like "I Like Food" as fast you play them?

MA Those type of songs usually start out in your head as a jumble of lines, and usually induced by too much caffeine. You may repeat them over and over, and say them to your friends for a laugh. So by the time you actually write them on paper, it's pretty quick to finish them. Bill's the master at these; he wrote "Weinerschnitzel," then realizing it wasn't short enough, wrote "ALL."


With Pennywise, Sublime with Rome

Sun/4, 5:30pm, $39.50

America's Cup Pavilion

27-29 San Francisco Pier 33

(415) 371-5500