Pre-park quickies

Spitballing with Outside Lands artists


MUSIC Unless you've been living under a gemstone, you know that Outside Lands is this weekend, Fri/9-Sun/11 in Golden Gate Park ( And Paul McCartney, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, and Phoenix are headlining, but there are a great many smaller acts filling up those days as well.

These Q&As were compiled from an ongoing interview series with the other bands — a few groups you should check out at the fest. To see the full interviews and our post-show coverage of the event, visit



SF Bay Guardian What was the last great live show you went to? 

Skyler Kilborn of Midi Matilda In Sacramento at a place called Ace of Spades we saw Gold Fields, it was really awesome. I think the crowd was engaged the entire time. They got off stage, danced around, got on the bar and kicked over somebody's drink.

Logan Grime of Midi Matilda We've done a number of shows with guys from Capital Cities, it's awesome to see how they've progressed over time, how much bigger their following has become. It was inspiring to see them.

SFBG What separates your performances from that of other artists? 

Logan Grime of Midi Matilda A lot of people tell us they really enjoy the energy we bring to the stage. Our show has a lot of electronic elements to it; we don't have people playing on stage. We both love to DJ and just make it a unique experience that's different from a lot of the things we've seen. We're trying to push it in a new direction. We're not DJs, or a full live band either. We're trying something new and it's working out so far.

SFBG Are you guys looking forward to Outside Lands, are there any artists you're definitely not going to miss? 

Logan Grime of Midi Matilda The lineup this year is pretty amazing compared to some of the other years. This year's strong in every day's lineup. I know that no matter what I will not miss Paul McCartney. I'm excited to see so many bands.

Skyler Kilborn of Midi Matilda I've been fantasizing about playing the festival since the first time I went in 2009. A group I actually love is Vampire Weekend. I have not seen them perform but I've listened to their music quite a bit and would love to see how they do it.



SF Bay Guardian What was the last thing you did just to mess with someone? 

Nathan Williams of Wavves I put my drummer's phone number on my Twitter.

SFBG What was one of the most bizarre experiences you have ever had while under the influence (of anything), why was it so odd?