Tales from the tracks - Page 4

BART strikes are on hold, but the standoff between workers — demonized by many, humanized here — and the district continues

Robert Bright
Photo by Mark Mosher/SEIU 1021


One of the underreported asks at the bargaining table is unlocked bathrooms. Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01, many of the bathrooms at most BART's stations have been locked. This prevents customers and workers alike from doing as nature intended. It's a matter of respect and dignity to be able to do use a bathroom while at your workplace, said one BART worker, Jon Kozlosky, at the hearing. THE TRAINS DRIVE THEMSELVES One of the accusations we see on our comment board with every article is that since the trains drive themselves, the workers must have little expertise. But the drivers still carry out many functions of the trains. Besides, most BART workers toil behind the scenes: 920 of BART workers are drivers and station agents, but about 1,450 employees are in mechanical maintenance, clerical, and other jobs (like sanitation).