City College's judges get judged - Page 2


The college's appeal ultimately is in the hands of the new Super Trustee of City College, Bob Agrella, who acts with all of the powers of the college's now defunct board. But Agrella has, in past interviews, agreed with the way the ACCJC is run.

"I think the way the commission operates is okay," he told City College's newspaper, The Guardsman. "I've dealt with their policies and operating procedures at other institutions where I worked that were dealing with addressing accreditation problems—not to the same degree as here at City College—and the process worked there."

But Karen Saginor, the ex-City College academic senate president, said the DOE criticism of the process should be taken into account in the appeal of the accreditation revocation decision.

"It's pretty exciting, that letter," Saginor told the Guardian. "It's recognition from an important authority that there are irregularities in the process that put us on show cause. We've been saying 'it wasn't fair.' And we've been told 'its a totally fair process, you're just not happy because you don't like the result.' Now we have an important authority verifying what we've been saying."