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FALL ARTS: FILM Hustlers, slaves, anchormen, and Nebraskans -- Hollywood and rep-house picks for the season ahead

Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, and Jennifer Lawrence star in "American Hustle."

Fall's largest local film festival is the Mill Valley Film Festival (; the 36th incarnation runs Oct. 3-13 and includes a tribute to 80-year-old Z (1969) filmmaker Costa-Gavras. But don't overlook the smaller fests: Cine+Mas, the San Francisco Latino Film Festival (Sept. 12-27;; the Atheist Film Festival ("a film festival you can believe in"), Sept. 14 at the Roxie (; the San Francisco Irish Film Festival (Sept. 19-21;; the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (Nov. 8-10;; the Oakland Underground Film Festival (Sept. 25-29;; the Arab Film Festival (Oct. 11-13;; the American Indian Film Festival (Nov. 1-10;; and the 3rd I San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival (Nov. 7-10; And probably 10-12 more that I haven't heard about yet.

If none of those festivals tick your boxes, head to the San Francisco Film Society's calendar ( to parse its meaty schedule, kicking off with programs devoted to Egyptian filmmaker-in-residence Mohamed Diab (Oct. 1-15). Then, throughout the fall, SFFS presents films from Hong Kong, Zurich, Taiwan, France, Italy, and right here in the Bay Area. *

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