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Why is it taking so long to build long-planned bus rapid transit systems on Van Ness and Geary?

Project completion in 2018
Photo courtesy of SFTA
The new layout of Van Ness after the bus lane redesign, slated to finish in 2018. The design ultimately chosen is called the "locally preferred alternative."

When asked how much the city would save by combining work, he couldn't give an exact dollar amount but said it was in the tens of millions, at least.

He also said that the process requires community meetings at many steps in the process. City officials visited Mexico City to see how they planned and built its BRT in just three years, and Gabancho said it's because that city didn't really consult the community.

"We can't do business like that in San Francisco and I don't think we want to do that in San Francisco," he said.

All of that governmental insanity had a member of the Geary BRT's Citizen Advisory Council calling it quits in a fury — he even wrote about it in his blog.

"What I've seen in the past six years has been a severe disappointment during which I have lost trust in America's regulatory framework to enact effective transit improvements," Kieran Farr, the CEO and co-founder of VidCaster, wrote. He described the process as fraught with starts and restarts, slips and delays, mostly due to a lack of leadership. And that's the rub: There is no point person on this project with strong political will, according the SFTRU. "The mayor is not saying this is high priority," Tanez told us. "He's at all the Central Subway events, but getting political clout behind this by writing to our supervisors is the only way to do this." The Van Ness project runs through the districts of Sups. Mark Farrell and David Chiu, who were both unavailable at press time. The SFMTA is slated to approve the Van Ness BRT EIR on Tue/17 at 1pm in City Hall, Room 400.

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