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Reading by moonlight with Nicole Kidman Is Fucking Gorgeous

"We are students of creativity and magic."

MS Ten being the overabundance of the suit, and Tens being about communication and intellect: The outcome is an overabundance of ideas that sometimes feel like a burden, and are sometimes painful because there are just too many ideas happening. So we're going to end up with too many ideas. Coupled with the Moon, I'm going to say our final outcome will actually be knowledge that is not measurable by the intellect and is much more intuitive and based in mystery, that is, not easily described by the mind.

MR We're going to have to dig deeper from all of this. The Ten makes us need to take the next step.

MS And that next step is toward the dark. Well, toward intuition.

MR It is toward intuition. I think that moving toward the more Moon aspects will maybe then inform the next piece.

MS Oh, the moon...

MR Oh, the moon, duh! But this is perfect!

MS The moon is in our piece a lot.

MR Like the actual physical moon.

MS So basically, to clarify things for Rob: The Tarot reading says that we need to dispel some illusions for you. What we need to tell you is that we are about to have a moment of reckoning at this show at which we realize our values and our worth, and our sins. And what's driving us as a collective is to reap the benefits of a good harvest, as well as learn from each other, and continue to be students of creativity, passion, and magic.

MR Ultimately, not to let our fears get us down and to know that we're going in the right direction.

MS And this being our final outcome makes me think that maybe you should just know: "The moon."

John Foster Cartwright The moon.

MS We need to shut up with all our ideas and just be like, the moon.

MR I'm with that. *


Thu/12-Sun/15, 8pm, $20


1310 Mission, SF



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