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MUSIC: is the new cool kid in town

Katie Kopacz, Marisa Breall, and Gregory Hill in the studio.
Photo by Erin Conger

Through technical concerns, financial woes, and equipment searches, the couple caressed the challenges until their lovechild of a station was born. " is the baby I will never have," she says, laughing — in all seriousness.

Trading potential offspring for SF music nerds, the Guest family is growing — 60 DJs now host 45 shows throughout the week. From obscure electronica and '80s favorites to garage rock and blues, BFF's roster goes in all directions.

"I like to say our show plays 'high-quality' music — no point in using genres anymore," says Gregory Hill, who DJs as Cool Greg on Monday nights. Together with co-hosts Marisa Breall and Katie Kopacz, the trio plays tracks to complement their other shared gig, Professional Fans: show promoters, DJs, and the like.

"Our show is the perfect way to plug both the shows we are going to as fans and the ones we are going to as promoters," says Hill. The friends see the radio as bonding space for music lovers at large: fans, bands, labels, and venues, all mingling in new ways. "BFF is creating community. There's some real closeness happening."

This kind of passion is exactly what Guest is cultivating. "I want to see real excitement in the DJs. Putting together a thoughtful show every week isn't easy. It takes a certain kind of person, someone who strives to keep it fresh," she says, being a long-time DJ herself. "It's a job done out of love."

I ask her if streaming ever weirds her out. Does the connection feel less real? Less radio?

"It still feels very natural to me. The delivery has changed a lot but the basic components remain," she says.

"It's still a person in a room, sharing with another person somewhere else. It's people devoting their attention to a shared media," she says. "Radio is magic."

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