Goldies 2014 Performance: SALTA - Page 2

Unique performance group driven by collaboration and a creative sense of place

Guardian photo by Saul Bromberger and Sandra Hoover

"It still reflects our spirit, how we intend to be in spaces, engaging alternatively, without a big output of money. We found freedom in not doing that. It's very specific to this opportunity, which is not set at all, but it's a nice thing to think about."

Among the advantages of such a move, they say, is the chance to become part of a touring network, while providing ongoing workshops and rehearsal room — "affordable open space for people to not just show work but develop."

With or without a permanent space, SALTA's second year is poised to expand. In April, the collective travels to the East Coast to co-curate an evening with New York's AUNTS, another dance-performance collective (and an early inspiration), and to take part in an international symposium in Montreal on alternative models of curation in the performing arts. They're already networking with other likeminded groups along the route, like Montreal's Wants&Needs and the Centre for Feminist Pedagogy.

And, for the first time, they're making a piece of their own together: an experience they call "pretty amazing and crazy." As a process it's also, needless to say, "as collaborative as possible." SALTA moves in collaboration.

"Somehow we end up having this momentum. There's this ease that just happens. We definitely work hard but with joy, I think. All of a sudden we're rolling really fast."

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