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A new Oakland music festival aims to bring art downtown. Plus: If you still believe in college radio, KUSF still needs you


Then, at the end of 2013, the FCC began issuing low-power FM licenses for the first time in about a decade. KUSF-In-Exile has an application in for 102.5 — but they're up against at least seven other groups, including, as KUSF members understand it, a mega-church. The central goal, say organizers, is simply to get back on the (non-internet based) airwaves, one way or another. But "It's a lot of hurry up and wait," says SFCR board member and treasurer Damin Esper of the situation. "Which, obviously, isn't very satisfying to us or to our supporters."

In the meantime, the station has been throwing fundraiser shows to help pay for ongoing legal fees, and the one this April 20, naturally, is the third incarnation of their annual stoner-rama affair. Oakland punks Violence Creeps, who'll be opening for the current incarnation of Black Flag at Brick & Mortar in May, will be headlining, alongside psych-rockers Mondo Drag and plenty of other wild, weird, woolly favorites; visuals, should you happen to have ingested anything that would make you want to look at cool visuals, will be provided by veteran stock-footage auteurs Oddball Films. All of the funds raised will go to SFCR's legal fight; there will also be members on hand to talk volunteer opportunities — college radio-loving grantwriters, are you out there?

When it comes to the original sale, Esper says, "It's clear that laws were broken. It could be found to be illegal in court...but one of the reasons the big guys always win in situations like this is it's hard to keep people engaged, reminded of the situation. This is bigger than just KUSF. This is happening all over the country. College radio is under attack."

SFCR's Blown-Out, Blowout Benefit III
Sun/20, 8pm, $7
Thee Parkside 1600 17th St, SF

Oh, one last thing: There's also a little event called Record Store Day coming up, so get out that piggy bank — this is what people mean when they talk about having an "emergency fund," right? Anyway: So much going on, so little space. Check the Bay Guardian's Noise blog this week for special in-store events and one-day-only releases.

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