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Always wanted to try kitesurfing? Here's how to get started

F-One Kiteboarder Fadhly Bey pops a jump outside the Golden Gate

Adds Royce Vaughn of Emeryville's KGB Kitesurfing, "At the end of the day, there are a lot of variables in kiteboarding. It's not just as easy as learning how to fly a kite and jumpin' on a board. There's a lot of safety involved."

Though lessons can be a bit steep, most shops give a discount on gear to students. Some will even throw in free lessons if you buy a complete set-up. And being involved with a school opens up a worldwide network of education, socializing, and employment. There's more than one globe-trotting telecommuter out there who supplements his or her traveling expenses by teaching kitesurfing. Or perhaps you want to get into snowkiting or racing. The sport is full of possibilities.

"Once you get the basic mechanics, it's just where you want to take it, what board you want to ride on, what types of tricks you want to do, or if you don't want to do any tricks at all," says Kafka. "Maybe you just want to have a nice afternoon ridin' along in the bay." *


International Kiteboarding Organization


Boardsports School


KGB Kiteboarding




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